print design

This service mainly refers to the design via which the final form will be printed, independently from the production quantity or its size. Every kind of printed material belongs to this category:
Newspapers and magazines, posters to any end, advertisements, books, price lists, calendars, product packaging and, in general, anything destined to be printed.

brand design

It is the design of a company’s corporate identity, of a product or an event. A customized visual identity is of assistance to brand awareness in each respective market.
The way the name will be depicted, via the logo, in printed or digital form, is a branding condition and among the basic principles imposed. Designing the logo, applying it in the visual identity (cards, letterheads, signs etc.), creating specifications or the use of the logo, choosing the color and the font, are some of the steps for the creation of a brand.

brand support

Services provided to big corporations with a predetermined corporate identity.
According to this identity, we make applications on new visual communication products (brochures, posters, advertisements etc.) or adaptations to the already existing ones.

exhibition design

We provide a service of graphic design for museums and exhibition spaces. After the study of the space and the objects that are to be exhibited and in collaboration with a museologist, an architect, a set designer or a company organizing exhibitions, we design:
guiding material, posters, signs, stands, photographs, visual and sound material, special constructions.

motion design

Study, design and making of visual and sound material for the internet, exhibition spaces, television and cinema.
All stages of the productive process are included such as the conversion of an idea or a story into a script for a movie, the director’s approach, editing, special effects, 2D and 3D creation, sound design and almost all post production works.

web design

Websites’ graphic design services and flash banners for the internet according to the rules of efficiency, communication capacity and aesthetics.
Website construction and maintenance are performed by us or by specialized collaborators.